OOLOOP finds the confluence of impeccably designed, ethically manufactured and sustainably made clothing, and seeks to share its discoveries with the growing number of conscious consumers. Based in Brooklyn, the online retailer showcases designers from around the world that meet the highest standard of ethical production and use only the most sustainable materials available. At a time when the fashion industry is one of the dirtiest industries on the planet, OOLOOP elevates designers are transforming the industry.

With a diverse selection of curated collections, OOLOOP brings a fresh approach to sustainable shopping, making it both fun and informative. From stunning organic cotton dresses, to bold recycled metal jewelry, chic alpaca sweaters, to fun recycled fishing line bathing suits, sophisticated pants made from recycled ocean trash, to badass leather scrap moto jackets, OOLOOP stocks expertly crafted garments that are inspired by sustainability, not restricted by it.

Founder and CEO Eliza notes, “OOLOOP proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style to be good to the planet, and you don’t have to sacrifice the planet for your style.” Eliza's vision is to not only provide easy access to curated cutting edge sustainable fashion, alongside everyday wearable classics, but to educate and provoke a groundswell of necessary change. OOLOOP’s intent is to not dwell in the dirty, but to find joy in the possible as they lay the pathway for consumers to shop consciously.


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