Oleo Botanicals

Oleo Botanicals is committed to harnessing the power of Nature & Science to profoundly improve skin and hair care, while being mindful of the planet.

We source our ingredients from dozens of hand picked suppliers located in all corners of the globe, to create a full line of innovative skin & hair care products. Every formula feeds skin with a powerful blend of vital nutrients, omegas and the most potent active plant oils and ingredients from around the world. The formulations are safe, minimal, effective, and non-toxic. We made sure that the key ingredients were added at the highest percentages possible for maximum affects.

Discover the properties of our naturally derived ingredients. We search the world for the most potent, high-performance active botanicals. Every formulation in our skin and hair care line contains the highest quality ingredients, not inhibited by toxins or synthetics, allowing to work together synergistically to deliver maximum benefits.